State of the Art

Subsurface Glass engraving since 1998

For more than 20 years Vitro has been supplying laser systems for interior and surface engraving

Through the consistent and ongoing application-oriented optimization of the software, Vitro has developed into one of the world market leaders in the field of personal 3D engraved gifts.


The Vitrolux system family

All systems are available with laser heads with wavelengths of 1064, 532 and 355 nm.

Industrial solutions and 3D shop concepts

Through every industry


Whether tiny or huge - Vitro Laser Solutions is the specialist for laser engravings in transparent materials! Surface engravings and drillings are also possible with our systems. Find out more about our industrial areas of application.

3D Shop Concepts

Starting a business can be a Herculean task. But not with our 3D shop concept. So it's up to you to start and turn light into money.


Innovation since 1998

The heart of all laser systems are the laser heads. We at Vitro Laser Solutions develop all lasers in-house and have been among the global technology leaders in the field of internal laser engravings since 1998.

Contract manufacturing

Ready for your production

Whether for industry or our 3D Shop customers - you have a large order but not enough capacity for it? We can take over the production or put you in touch with one of our customers. Do you have an idea for a laser engraving, but don't know if this is possible? We find out!


No limits for interior glass engravings

Large engravings

Small engravings


The right program for your engraving

Point cloud creation for textured 3D objects

For 2D images with perfect gray tones and multi-layer point cloud

For technical 3D objects with differently defined point densities

For arranging multiple point clouds in a glass and machine control

For using VitroMark on an external computer and exporting CAD files.

The control program for our 3D FaceScanner


Helpful tutorials and how-to´s

The perfect help for operating and maintaining our machines. Helpful software tutorials and more.

About Us

Vitro Laser Solutions UG

Vitro Laser Solutions was founded in 1997 by Remy Renaud. From the beginning, the company has been a driver of progress in the glass laser industry.
In 1999 we presented the first 3D portrait in glass at the Hannover Fair. By the end of 2003 we had already delivered more than 100 Systems.
Our laser systems are used worldwide in industry and all important companies in the field of "3D portraits" in glass use our machines.


Everything about Vitro

Everything worth knowing about Vitro for download.