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Vitro Laser Solutions

Technology with progress

A lot has changed in our company since it was founded. But the principles and values ​​have remained the same.
Intensive research work, high quality awareness and the creation of new technological standards, that is what drives us every day. That's what Vitro stands for.


Joint research work on the glass interior engraving by company founder Rémy Renaud and the Fraunhofer Institute

Nov. 1998

Vitro Laser GmbH was founded

Apr. 1999

First laser system is delivered to Korea

Apr. 1999

The world's first 3D portrait is presented at the Hannover Fair

Aug. 2001

The engraving on the inside of the glass is refined by doubling the frequency of the laser beam

Feb. 2002

The first flat glass plant is put into operation

Nov. 2003

Production and delivery of Vitro 100th system

Dez. 2004

The 3rd version of the 3D portrait scanner appears. The quality of 3D portraits is improved

Aug. 2005

The LOOXIS license concept is run as an independent company now.


New software Vitro 2D Pro

Aug. 2008

Founding a new Company - Vitro Laser GmbH changes to Vitro Laser Technologies AG

Nov. 2008

10 years of Vitro Laser specialist for internal laser engraving

Sept. 2009

Vitro Laser serves customers under the new name Vitro Laser Solutions UG.

Feb. 2010

Vitro Laser moves into new modern business premises - same commercial area, different building.


New System Vitrolux H


New control software for the VitroMark machines


New Facescanner V3


New software VitroMark LE - to prepare engravings on an external computer


Switching from hardware ID to USB keys as software protection - this allows the software to be installed on any computer - the software works wherever the USB key is inserted


New software VitroRhinoTools


Vitro moves to the country

Vitro Laser Solutions zieht um


Extension for VitroMark - this allows series production of trophies can be greatly simplified and accelerated. All names and rankings are automatically taken from a table and accordingly during engraving the point clouds are generated and used.


New face scanner - even faster ready for exposure and shorter exposure

3D Portait mit dem Vitro 3D Scanner


New table system Vitrolux Hv2 comes onto the market and is presented at a Trophy fair in Delray Beach in the USA.

Subsurface laser engraving with the Hv2


Extension AxSync - shortens the pauses when changing layers and enables engravings with up to 8 kHz.


New Website

Vitro Laser Solutions - Subsurface laser engraving


Vitro Laser Solutions


WDR contribution about Vitro Laser Solutions

OEM Laser

Integration of a Vitrolux OEM for laser engraving of wine glasses.


BIZZ contribution, about Vitro Laser Solutions and their 3D glass portraits.

IDS 2015

Vitro Laser Solutions fair exhibition


Contribution by 3Sat about Vitro Laser Solutions


Vitrolux F laser process


VitroScan product video

Grandparents in glass

3D portraits immortalized in glass - the perfect gift