Details on VitroMark

VitroMark is our program for preparing the engraving and for machine control.

Preparing to engrave means you choose a object you want to engrave, arrange the point cloud(s) within that object, and add text if necessary. Then either start the laser process or save the entire arrangement as a job.

Our job format is unique, as many parameters and details are also saved and this enables individual mass production on all systems from our company!

Some of the features in detail:

1. Glass formats

You can create any number of keys with different glass formats. A background image or specially shaped wireframe can also be displayed for each format so that the point clouds can be correctly positioned in the glass. There are also warnings, if the point clouds are placed too close to the surface/outside. If different glass mixtures are used, an increase/decrease in the laser power can preseted for special types.

2. Point clouds

Any number of point clouds can be positioned within a glass body. Groups can also be formed, which can then be moved or rotated together - to an accuracy of 0.01mm!

3. Texts

You can add text in any font, that is installed on your computer. All the usual formats can be set directly - you can also adjust the depth and brightness. Text on circular arcs is also possible. One click is enough and your text is converted into a laserable point cloud. Especially helpful - if you made a mistake entering the text, simply click on the point cloud in the history window and the text will reappear in the editing window. 

4. Mass Productions

We distinguish 3 types of mass production

1. Standard mass production
Identical glasses with identical engravings are produced.

2. CMP CustomizedMassProduction
Different glass sizes are lasered with different motifs.
For this purpose, the system is informed which jobs are to be lasered, and the system reports back
how the various glass blocks are to be inserted.

3. Database-driven CMP
Similar to CMP, but here the items in the machines are provided with barcodes. On which machine which job is lasered and what the current status is (waiting/active/done) can be tracked in the database.  

Program extensions

There are currently 2 extensions for VitroMark available:

  1.  VitroMark Edit - With this, you can edit point clouds from VitroMark. Points can be deleted from a point cloud, a point cloud can be broken down into i-Tiles and a gradient (fading) can be generated.

  2. VitroMark Variable Text - This extension is especially interesting for award and trophy production. Only one layout is created for the awards and all names/placements or changing images are automatically inserted using a table. This eliminates the entire manual entry of names and conversion to point clouds! The awards are automatically mass produced.

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